Deployable Stuctures Workshop – Abdullah Gul University, Kayseri – Turkey

Workshop of deployable structures made at the Abdallah Gul University of Kayseri, Turkey. With the support of the school of architecture and the chamber of architect in kayseri.

Currently deployable and transformable structures are more common in architecture; erecting, flexibility and lightness of materials, and easy transportability are the most important features of these systems. The deployable structures with straight bars enhance these features, occupying little space as possible when the structure is closed.


The main objective of this workshop is introduce students to the conceptual and practical world of deployable structures with the end goal of having the students develop their own lightweight-structural model that solves a real-world problem. They will gain an understanding of the behaviors of these complex structures using both physical models and software.

The idea  is to apply didactic strategies for comprehension and learning of design and structural concepts. Two different modes of application are implemented in classroom sessions and in structures workshop: First. a Theoretical class and Second. a Practical class.


Prototype construction

The final activity is the construction of a complex deployable structure previously designed by the SMiA research group. Specifically, the proposed design is part of the doctoral thesis of Omar Avellaneda, researcher of SMiA. The construction phase allow the students facing materials and tools and thus technological problems of a real architectural structure.

On the other hand, the group work in equipment and the processes of transformation of the material and the final assembly of the prototype, generate a dynamic of collective work.

The students constructed a deployable structure dome with an area of approximately 30 square meters and 3 meters high.




The concept came from the need to create versatile, modulated spaces, with easy and fast assembly for different events. These constructive advantages are characteristics of the deployable structures and the motivation for the study and application of this type of structures, which generate benefits such as adaptability, flexibility and space transformation.

The dome is a proposal as a place of rest and entertainment. The idea is to have a structure easy to assemble, compact, and lightweight.

Wooden bars:   180

Joins pvc      80

Screws & Nuts:  480

Height:  3   mts

Area:  28 mts2

Weight:  25 kg Aprox.



“We want to thank all the people who made this possible and the students who participated in this adventure. We hope to see you soon along the road of geometry and structures.

Special thanks to the Chamber of Architects for their support and confidence in our work.

To Abdullah Gül University for giving us the opportunity to share our work without limits or barriers. And especially Valentina who connected all the circuits to make this possible.”




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