i-We Are

SMiA. Structural Morphology in Architecture was created to share ideas and projects in common research areas. It has further developed as a way for us to further develop design strategies through educational workshops and exploration.

It is an open group for architects, designers, artists, students, teachers, and friends—for anyone who wants to know about unconventional architecture based on structural morphology.

 i-Our Domain

Form, geometry, transformable, folding, modular, structures, lightweight construction, space, and our common word, “architecture”


To think, investigate, re-invent, imagine, build, play with, and explore spatial-morphology concepts in design as well as creating new architectural concepts.


Through workshops, lectures, special guests, travel, and events of all kinds that provide opportunities to meet and strengthen multidisciplinary knowledge, which contributes to the group.

Physical and digital tools are utilized, including

WinTess3, a parametric-geometry-development-and-testing software



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