We Are

SMiA. Structural Morphology in Architecture. We are architects, researchers and geometris of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. BarcelonaTech. We are a research group of the Valles School of Architecture. ETSAV.

Our research focuses on the Morphology Structural and Lightweight Structures. We explore new design strategies using techniques such as parametric design and digital fabrication. Applying them in a real architectural project.

Our Domain

Solid Theory
Active Geometry
Parametric Design
Reciprocal Structures
Deployable Structures
Tensile Structures
Transformable Architecture


To think, investigate, re-invent, imagine, build, play with, and explore spatial-morphology concepts in design as well as creating new architectural concepts.


Through workshops, lectures, special guests, travel, and events of all kinds that provide opportunities to meet and strengthen multidisciplinary knowledge, which contributes to the group.

Physical and digital tools are utilized, a parametric-geometry-development-and-testing software


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