MANDALA Acoustic panel


Mandala acoustic panel is built by tensegrity modules. Each unit is made by grouping seven modules bringing the pattern. This pattern is inspired by traditional Hindu and Buddhist Mandalas. This is a space to meditate and think in our connection with the universe. Octahedron is a platonic solid and has natural structural stability. In these rush days, mandala acoustic panel reminds us to make a stop and reconnect with our natural environment. The modules works with repetition of the same element joined and working like one.

Each module’s Geometry is based on an expanded-octahedron. Module is made by six bars kept in equilibrium through the tension of the membrane. Module materials allows to roll bars and fabric in order to transport them. Also the assembly is made by unrolling each module and joining the last bar with the fabric. Also the grouping allows to assembly the modules between them.

Structural stability is natural in tensegrity systems, also each module is based in octahedron geometry which brings stability. Final structural system is made by the grouping of all modules, this allows the whole structure can be suspended in different points. Mandala acoustic panel is a lightweight structure, this provides an easy manipulation process.

Materials are natural, fabric and wood or bamboo. Natural wood or bamboo used like bars are resistant to stress strength. Also fabric used like lycre bring natural compression to the structure. Connections between bars and fabric are made by steel connections. Mandala acoustic panel brings sustainability by using natural elements, light weight, transportability and can be used in different stages.


TENSEGRITY  is defined by the balance of tension and compression forces.  It is characterized by discontinuous compression bars balanced by tensed cables.



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