Kenneth Snelson – Father of Tensegrity

 ken_for_webKENNETH SNELSON, Tensegrity definition:


Tensegrity geometry is defined by the equilibrium of tensile and compressive forces and is characterized by having discontinuous compression bars, which remain in equilibrium by tensed cables. The balance is achieved because all the compression and tension forces are perfectly distributed, that is to say they work jointly, where the structural form is guaranteed because the final system is closed and auto-balanced.

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Snelson Tensegrity and Weaving


My art is concerned with nature in its primary aspect, the patterns of physical forces in three dimensional space.


2002 The Elizabeth N. Watrous Prize, National Academy of Design, New York, NY
2001 City of Osaka Civic Enviornment Award, Osaka, Japan
1999 Lifetime Achievment Award, International Sculpture Center, U.S.
1999 Biennial Honoree, Neuberger Mus. of Art, Purchase, NY
1994 Membership, American Academy of Arts & Letters.
1991 American Institute of Architects, Kansas City; Biennial Artist’s Award
1989 Award, Prix Ars Electronia, Linz, Austria.
1987 American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, Art Award.
1985 Honorary Doctorate, Arts and Humane Letters Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y.
1981 American Institutes of Architects’ Medal.
1976 DAAD Fellowhship for Berlin Kunstlerprogram
1974-1987 Advisory Board, Public Arts Fund, N.Y.
1974 Reynolds Metal Sculpture Award
1974 National Endowmnt for the Arts and Iowa City Sculpture Competition.
1971 New York State Council on the Arts Sculpture


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