Cardumen Camp


CARDUMEN CAMP is made by the lemon fish shoal concept. The main characteristic in the project is the grouping like a shoal, modules are adapted to the environment same as the lemon fish shoal. In same way that shoals takes the water vibrations to direct them, the project use the wind to be aerodynamic. This aerodynamic idea shows how Cardumen camp modules are not a barrier, they lead the wind to flow between modules in to the project.

Currently deployable and transformable structures are more common in architecture; erecting, flexibility and lightness of materials, and easy transportability are the most important features of these systems. The deployable structures with straight bars enhance these features, occupying little space as possible when the structure is closed.


Diapositiva 1



The same way lemon fish shoal migrates among the sea, Cardumen camp can be assembled and dismounted without generating impact. Another main idea in the project it’s been ecological being adaptive to the needs in the future, this means the project can be used in different stages or uses. According to this idea, the project can be transported, used and adapted in the future. The project modules don’t need any power to be mounted.

Material in Cardumen camp are selected selected thinking about their use, like wood is a material with zero ecological impact and is used for structure, the fabric used for covering can be reused many times in the future. The service module proposes a central water tank on top, for the use of health services. At the bottom of the module services are the wet areas and reservoirs machines. The covering modules are proposed with photocell system for the uptake of solar energy and use within the project.


The project uses individual and collective modules, in this way the project establishes community life and private spaces. Community spaces are essential to develop friendship, so the project propose community spaces to allow human relationship to flow naturally based on the people needs and environment.


Like movement brings protection from climate environment, friendship, energy saving and survival to shoal fish, Cardumen camp brings these four concepts to surfers. The module has an internal area of 5m x 5m. The inhabitant can choose three possible deployment module housing. 60° – 75° – 90°. The habitable module has on its back a deck area, as deposit and maintenance of sports equipment, as well as a rest area.


Cardumen camp moves with the topography waves, also uses lightweight structure to be aerodynamic and lead the wind among modules. Like shoals, moves with balance among themselves and with the environment, the project moves with the wind and topography. Also project modules can be easily transported thanks to their deployable structural system made by scissors same as Lemon fish is a migratory species.


Modules of the project are developed considering human scale, like camping, in this order, the project wants to be comfortable and also allow to contemplate the sights. Using different types of modules like social and private modules, project brings different type of modules same as shoal has many types of fish.

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