PhD Student in Architecture Technology, Construction and Urbanism

Polytechnic University of Catalonia .Barcelona, Spain 2013

Master in Construction. National University of Colombia 2009

Architecture Degree. National University of Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia 2006


Professional profile
Architect Investigator, with an emphasis in the area of technology and implementation of non-conventional structures, referring to tensile-structures, tensegrity, deployable structures, reciprocating and tree-form structures. Investigation and coordination to promote the diffusion of these studies through the realization of academic workshops within the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. General coordination of scientific articles publications and projects to develop the various activities which enhance the students’ scientific research.

PhD Thesis: Deployable domes. In the process of being investigated. Thesis supervisor: Ramon Sastre, PhD, Architect and Xavier Gimferrer,  PhD, Architect
Member of the investigation group LITA, Architecture Technology Laboratory.
Coordinator for Colombia and contributor in Spain for the TensoRed, network of tensile-structures in Latin-America.
Speaker in various conferences as a UPC student, in Germany, Turkey, Chile, Poland, Portugal and Spain.
Contributor to scientific papers: IASS, TensiNet, TensoRed, ICSA, Cimne, Transformables2013

Professional Experience
Barcelona, Spain (2013)
Teaching assistant. ETSAV, School of Architecture of the Vallès. Realization of Educative Workshop. Structural
Intern. AGAUR, Agency for Administration of University and Research Grants. Academic activities run with the support of the public university teachers of the Catalan University System and the Open University of Catalonia.
Assistant of Ramon Sastre, PhD, Architect. UPC, Polytechnic University of Catalonia.
Investigation and analysis of tensile-structures: Creation of sensors for tension in tensile-structures.

Bogotá, Colombia (2006-2010)
2010. Investigator, coordinator and contributor to the Colombia Independence Bicentenary. Engineer School of National Military Forces. Published in “Architecture of Colombian Military Forces”
2007. Technical, administrative and Financial Assessor. Agricultural Bank. Projects based on rural living.
2006. Investigation Assistant. Art faculty in National University of Colombia. Investigation Institute of Habitat, City and Territory, “Residential areas in Colombia”.

Scholarships and Honors
“Francisco José de Caldas” Scholarship, International PhD, COLCIENCIAS. Best Suggestions Category for Infrastructure Investigation, Colombia, 2010.
Award for Innovation using PVC. Finalist in the Sustainable Construction and Infrastructure Category, professional group. CREA PVC, Colombia, 2009.
Master Thesis, with honors. Master in Construction: “TDES, Deployable theatre, proposal for a stage with transformable structures”. National University of Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia 2009.
Third place in the Design for the District ‘Centralidad Norte’ competition. International competition of Metropolitan areas of the Valle de Aburra in Medellin, Colombia, 2007.


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                                                                                                                       Pabellón Comedor. Participación en el pabellón virtual  de España. Bienal de Venecia. 2018


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