PhD. Architectural Construction, Restoration, and Rehabilitation

Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain 2012

Architect. National University of Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia 1994


Portfolio: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_4Ta4Tfl4bFYXNRLVB5T3ZQUDQ/edit?usp=drive_web

PhD Thesis: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_4Ta4Tfl4bFZjMwMTQ1NDctNTA5Ni00NDNlLTk0ZTYtMmMxMjE5Nzg3Njkx/view?usp=sharing

– Professional experience in a variety of roles, settings, and Lightweight and Membrane Structures.
– Complex 3D structural modeling/printing/analysis including AutoCAD, WinTess, basic EasyCAD.
-Ability to work both independently and with a team, and deep knowledge.
– Ability to produce freehand and technical drawings and specifications packages.
– Master’s and Doctoral Theses Supervisor.

– Research in SMiA Group – Structural Morphologic in Architecture, Lita/ETSAV-UPC Barcelona, Spain.
– 3D modeling and printing structures. Fellowship: UNISA/NewMatt, Salerno, Italy.
– Lightweight-Structures. Fellowship: ILEK Institute, Stuttgart, Germany.
– PhD: UPC Barcelona, Lightweight Structures “Tensegrity Dome for a Sports Arena”
under the direction of Josep I. Llorens and Ramon Sastre.
– Conference presentations: USA, England, China, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, France, Serbia, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia.

Salerno – Italy (2020)
UNISA – University of Salerno /NewMatt – Consulting Architect /Postdoctoral Research in 3D printing Deployable, Tensegrity and Reciprocal Structures.

Stuttgart – Germany (2012)
ILEK Institute – University of Stuttgart – Fellowship: “PhD. Research in Lightweight and Textile Structures”.

Barcelona – Spain (2001-2020)
ETSAV–SMiA Group (2013-present). – Research in Lightweight – Textile Structures and Parametric Structures”.

CCOO (2017-2018). – Updating of Architectural Plans and facilities.
Freelance (2010-2011). – Collaboration in UPC with Architect Ramon Sastre on textile architecture
projects and workshops including performing lightweight-structure design and analyses.
La Velería de Vilanova i la Geltrú (2009). Consulted on textile-architecture projects.
C.97 Arquitectes i Associats (2006-2009). Design projects for hotels, houses,
gyms and general-architectural rehabilitation.
RP Grup Montserrat Pérez (2004-2005). Installation projects: houses, schools,
retirement homes, and industrial settings.
ETSAB–UPC (2001-2004). Collaborator – Department of Architectural Construction with Alrun Jimeno.

Bogotá – Colombia (1994-2000)
– National University of Colombia: design of new buildings and social-housing projects.
– Collaborated on urbanism projects, public space, housing, and rehabilitation projects.
Publications and Conferences

“Sustainability Assessment of Household Waste Based Solar Control Devices for Workshops in Primary Schools”

“Rehabilitation of educational architecture through waste-based intelligent façade layers”

“Towards more sustainable schools incorporating new solar control devices assembled during workshops recycling waste materials”
“Introduction to Structural Membranes and Introduction to the World of Tensegrity”
“Application of Tensegrity Principles on Tensile-Textile Constructions”
“Form finding and Structural Analysis of a Tensegrity Dome”
“Tensegrity Dome for a Sports Arena”

Techtextil Frankfurt – Germany (2011). Second place in the category of Macro-architecture:
“Textile Structures For New Building 2011” with the project “Tensegrity Dome for a Sports Arena”


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