PhD. Architectural Construction, Restoration, and Rehabilitation

Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain 2012

Architect. National University of Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia 1994


Portfolio: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_4Ta4Tfl4bFYXNRLVB5T3ZQUDQ/edit?usp=drive_web

PhD Thesis: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_4Ta4Tfl4bFZjMwMTQ1NDctNTA5Ni00NDNlLTk0ZTYtMmMxMjE5Nzg3Njkx/view?usp=sharing

ILEK Tensegrity Prototype : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_4Ta4Tfl4bFX2pGMlhtRGpMMkE/edit

– Professional experience in a variety of roles, settings and Lightweight and Membrane Structures.
– Complex 3D structural modeling/printing/analysis including AutoCAD, WinTess, basic EasyCAD.
-Ability to work both independently and with a team, and deep knowledge base.

– Research in SMiA Group – Structural Morphologic in Architecture, Lita/ETSAV-UPC Barcelona, Spain.
– 3D modeling and printing structures, UNISA/NewMatt, Salerno, Italy.
– Lightweight-Structures Fellowship: ILEK Institute, Stuttgart, Germany.
– PhD: UPC Barcelona, Lightweight Structures “Tensegrity Dome for a Sports Arena”
under the direction of Josep I. Llorens and Ramon Sastre.
– Conference presentations: USA, UK., China, Germany, Serbia, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia.
-Published: IASS, IJSS, Cimne, Tensinet, and SEWC.

Salerno – Italy (2019)
UNISA – University of Salerno /NewMatt – Consulting Architect /Postdoctoral Research in 3D printing Deployable, Tensegrity and Reciprocal Structures.

Stuttgart – Germany (2012)
ILEK Institute – University of Stuttgart – Fellowship: “PhD. Research in Lightweight and Textile Structures”.

Barcelona – Spain (2001-2019)
ETSAV–SMiA Group (2013-present). – Research in Lightweight – Textile Structures and Parametric Structures”.
Freelance (2010-2011). – Collaboration in UPC with Architect Ramon Sastre on textile architecture
projects and workshops including performing lightweight-structure design and analyses.
– Collaboration with Architect Martin Oliu designing hotels in Shanghai, China.
La Velería de Vilanova i la Geltrú (2009). Consulted on textile-architecture projects.
C.97 Arquitectes i Associats (2006-2009). Design projects for hotels, houses,
gyms and general-architectural rehabilitation.
RP Grup Montserrat Pérez (2004-2005). Installation projects: houses, schools,
retirement homes, and industrial settings.
ETSAB–UPC (2001-2004). Collaborator – Department of Architectural Construction with Alrun Jimeno.

Bogotá – Colombia (1994-2000)
– National University of Colombia: design of new buildings and social-housing projects.
– Collaborated on urbanism projects, public space, housing, and rehabilitation projects.
Publications and Conferences
“Introduction to Structural Membranes and Introduction to the World of Tensegrity”
“Application of Tensegrity Principles in Tensile-Textile Constructions”
“Form finding and Structural Analysis of a Tensegrity Dome”
“Tensegrity Dome for a Sports Arena”

Techtextil Frankfurt – Germany (2011). Second place in the category of Macro-architecture:
“Textile Structures For New Building 2011” with the project “Tensegrity Dome for a Sports Arena”


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Tensegrity Prototype TG3.
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Experimental Workshop in Unconventional Structures: Deployable & Tree-Like Structures SMiA – Training and Research at Barcelona Tech”

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