BUS STOP FACELIFT – Belgrade Ι 13.BИNA2018

BUS STOP FACELIFT workshops Ι Belgrade Ι 13. BИNA 2018 and Future Architecture Platform 2018

WHY We want to re-examine the possibilities of a fast, low-budget, but professional and locally aware spatial solution that will create or at least indicate the possibility of a better and more humane use of the public space.
WHAT BUS STOP FACE-LIFT Interventions on concrete mini locations – 5 bus stops. Experimental, spatial interventions, through all phases and elements of space creation from site analysis, interviewing representatives of the local community, conceptual solutions to project development and realization.
WHERE Neighborhood of Ledine is located on the edge of New Belgrade /distant outskirts of Belgrade/. The settlement is multiethnic and has about 10,000 inhabitants, consisted of approx 40% Serbs, 40% Roma and 20% members of other ethnic groups. The social status of the community is very modest. Settlement suffers from numerous communal, social and cultural issues. In addition to the ubiquitous omnipresent economic crisis, settlements of this type have also born a great burden of the rapid rise of population due to enormous economic and political migrations during last decades (caused by the political turbulences in the 1990s)
WHO BINA team with: five (5) international authors / teams who participated in the Future Architecture Open Call in cooperation with students of Belgrade faculties and under the mentorship of: architect Biljana Brankovic (Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade), architect Brede Bizjak (DAI-SAI Architects Association of Istria) and curator Michal Duda (Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw).

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0-BINA-2018-VisualHQ-10-Second day - presentation1-First day - Materials5-Learning from others6.1.2 community6.1.2-Flowers9.0.0 Open structure9.1.3 Bina Bosses9.1.3 object constructors team9.2.1 Bus stop-base9.3.2 placement9.7 Using with the bus9.8.1 Using



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