SMiA at Andes University – Bogotá Colombia.

Smia at Andes University , Bogotá – Colombia.

Last November we had the opportunity to visit the Architecture Faculty  in Andes University.

Architecture Master Professor , PhD.  Carolina Margarita Rodriguez invited SMiA to visit the pavilions designed and built by students in the course.

Master Lab explores experimental and multi-disciplinary research methods around the theme of adaptability in architecture.

“In this context, adaptability is defined broadly as a principle of design that incorporates various formal, functional and technical strategies that allow a built architectural object has a certain level of flexibility in response to changes in the parameters affecting it through time. ”

The main objective of the workshop in addition to addressing the adaptability is to involve students in solving real needs and problems of people, students relate to social foundations, many children’s foundations.

In the workshops the students have responded to cultural needs and games halls, playgrounds, “pavilions letters”, “toy box pavilion”, “tree of knowledge pavilion”, “Swam Pavilion” etc.

In the following photos and videos you can see the final work of students and as through the development of physical prototypes can study their adaptability in architecture with a real application.


Pavilions designed and built by students:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Swam Pavilion:




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